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DIY Minecraft Binary Clock

18 Jul

This is a binary clock that was built into a 3d-printed case created in Minecraft. It shows the current time in a binary coded decimal format. The code and idea are based on a tutorial by Daniel Andrade.

The model was exported with the free tool Mineways and printed on a Zprinter 650 3d-printer, with a block size of 125mm^3 (so every block has an edge length of 5mm).

17:07 (i.e. 5:07 PM)

After printing, LEDs were glued into the case after filing the openings a bit wider. Then, the LEDs were soldered to form a 4×4 LED matrix, and the matrix was connected to an Arduino board. Two pushbuttons were added for setting the clock (hours and minutes).

The circuit of the binary clock (not very accurate, I know, but you get the idea…).

More images can be found here:

The code and case can be downloaded here:×4-led-matrix/overview, and here: